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  1. 2019-12-23Udemy - Electricity & electronics – Robotics, learn by building [Last updated 11-2018]
  2. 2019-12-23Udemy - Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts [Last updated 2-2018]
  3. 2019-12-23Professional Linux Kernel Architecture
  4. 2019-12-23Udemy - Data Structures and Algorithms; Deep Dive Using Java [Last updated 2-2019]
  5. 2019-12-23Udemy - Learn Advanced C Programming [Last updated 10-2017]
  6. 2019-12-23Linux Networking Architecture
  7. 2019-12-23Udemy - Tableau 10 Advanced Training; Master Tableau in Data Science [Last updated 12-2019]
  8. 2019-12-23Expert Trading Systems; Modeling Financial Markets with Kernel Regression
  9. 2019-12-23Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces in Probability and Statistics
  10. 2019-12-23Udemy - Responsive Design HTML CSS Web design – Dreamweaver CC [Last updated 5-2019]
  11. 2019-12-23Udemy - Master your brain; Neuroscience for personal development [Last updated 10-2019]
  12. 2019-12-23Designing BSD Rootkits; An Introduction to Kernel Hacking
  13. 2019-12-23Information Theoretic Learning; Renyi's Entropy and Kernel Perspectives (Information Science and Statistics)
  14. 2019-12-24Udemy - Master in Wi-Fi ethical Hacking [Last updated 8-2018]
  15. 2019-12-24Udemy - Learn To Create An RPG Game In Unity [Last updated 11-2018]
  16. 2019-12-24Solaris Internals; Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture, 2nd Edition
  17. 2019-12-24Udemy- Unity; Particles from beginner to advanced! [Last updated 5-2017]
  18. 2019-12-24Mastering Linux Kernel Development; A kernel developer's reference manual
  19. 2019-12-24Mastering Linux Kernel Development; A kernel developer's reference manual
  20. 2019-12-24Udemy - Let’s Code; C# Programming Exercises for Beginners [Last updated 11-2019]
  21. 2019-12-24Heat Kernel and Analysis on Manifolds (AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics), New ed. Edition
  22. 2019-12-24Udemy - Google Analytics Certification – Become Certified in 1 Day! [Last updated 2-2019]
  23. 2019-12-24Practical Reverse Engineering; x86, x64, ARM, Windows Kernel, Reversing Tools, and Obfuscation
  24. 2019-12-24Udemy - Rock the JVM! Scala and Functional Programming for Beginners [Last updated 11-2018]
  25. 2019-12-24Nonparametric Kernel Density Estimation and Its Computational Aspects (Studies in Big Data)
  26. 2019-12-24Udemy - Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3) [Last updated 2-2019] - Removed
  27. 2019-12-24Digital Signal Processing with Kernel Methods (Wiley - IEEE)
  28. 2019-12-24Embedded Systems Building Blocks; Complete and Ready-to-Use Modules in C, 2nd Edition
  29. 2019-12-25Udemy - The Complete Penetration Testing Course: Beginner To Expert [Last updated 10-2018]
  30. 2019-12-25Udemy - The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course [Last updated 2-2019]
  31. 2019-12-25Udemy - Apache Kafka Series – Kafka Streams for Data Processing [Last updated 2-2019]
  32. 2019-12-25Udemy - Master the Fundamentals of Math [Last updated 1-2019]
  33. 2019-12-25Udemy - Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch [Last updated 11-2018]
  34. 2019-12-25Udemy - Ionic 4 – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular [Last updated 2-2019]
  35. 2019-12-25Udemy - Online Japanese N5 Course(All 15 lessons) [Last updated 2-2019]
  36. 2019-12-26Udemy - The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2019 [Last updated 3-2019]
  37. 2019-12-26Udemy - Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis [Last updated 5-2019]
  38. 2019-12-26Udemy - Kotlin Masterclass Programming Course; Android Coding Bible [Last updated 1-2019]
  39. 2019-12-27Kernel Based Algorithms for Mining Huge Data Sets; Supervised, Semi-supervised, and Unsupervised Learning (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  40. 2019-12-27Linux Kernel Networking; Implementation and Theory (Expert's Voice in Open Source)
  41. 2019-12-27Udemy - Complete SEO Training WordPress SEO 2019! [Last updated -2018]
  42. 2019-12-27Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual; Devices, 3rd Edition
  43. 2019-12-27Udemy - The Complete React Developer Course (w Hooks and Redux) [Last updated 5-2019]
  44. 2019-12-27Kernel Learning Algorithms for Face Recognition
  45. 2019-12-27Udemy - Become A Freelance Social Media Manager – Home Business [Last updated 12-2017]
  46. 2019-12-27Linux Kernel Internals, 2nd Edition
  47. 2019-12-27Schur Functions, Operator Colligations, and Reproducing Kernel Pontryagin Spaces (Operator Theory; Advances and Applications)
  48. 2019-12-27Udemy - Flutter & Dart Development For Building iOS and Android Apps [Last updated 3-2019]
  49. 2019-12-27Schur Functions, Operator Colligations, and Reproducing Kernel tryagin Spaces (Operator Theory; Advances and Applications)Pon
  50. 2019-12-27Udemy - Ultimate Web Developer Course Build 10 Websites from Scratch [Last updated 10-2017]
  51. 2019-12-27Kernel Methods and Machine Learning
  52. 2019-12-27Artificial Mind System; Kernel Memory Approach (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  53. 2019-12-27OS X and iOS Kernel Programming
  54. 2019-12-27Udemy - Zero to Deep Learning? with Python and Keras [Last updated 12-2018]
  55. 2019-12-27Udemy - Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies [Last updated 4-2019]
  56. 2019-12-28Udemy - Responsive Web Design; HTML5 CSS3 for Entrepreneurs 2018 [Last updated 9-2018]
  57. 2019-12-28Udemy - Java Swing (GUI) Programming; From Beginner to Expert [Last updated 8-2015]
  58. 2019-12-28Udemy - The Rust Programming Language [Last updated 11-2018]
  59. 2019-12-28Udemy - The Complete Ethical Hacking Course; Beginner to Advanced! [Last updated 11-2017]
  60. 2019-12-28Udemy - React JS Web Development – The Essentials Bootcamp [Last updated 1-2019]
  61. 2019-12-28Sin Chess
  62. 2019-12-28Udemy - The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course [Last updated 1-2019] - Removed
  63. 2019-12-28Udemy - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass [Last updated 11-2018]
  64. 2020-01-05Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages; A Laboratory Based Approach
  65. 2020-01-05Udemy - Design Patterns in C# and .NET [Last updated 3-2019]
  66. 2020-01-06SSL and Tls; Theory and Practice (Artech House Information Security and Privacy)
  67. 2020-01-06Groups and Analysis; The Legacy of Hermann Weyl (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  68. 2020-01-06Nomological Statements and Admissible Operations (Studies in Logic and The Foundations of Mathematics)
  69. 2020-01-06Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus (Independent Studies in Political Economy)
  70. 2020-01-06Capitalism, Democracy, and Welfare (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics)
  71. 2020-01-06Historical Dictionary of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements Series Book 100)
  72. 2020-01-09Udemy - Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java [Last updated 3-2016]
  73. 2020-01-09Strong, Sleek and Sinful
  74. 2020-01-10A Realist Philosophy of Social Science; Explanation and Understanding
  75. 2020-01-10Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools
  76. 2020-01-10Medically Unexplained Symptoms, Somatisation and Bodily Distress; Developing Better Clinical Services (Cambridge Medicine (Hardcover))
  77. 2020-01-11Quality Money Management; Process Engineering and Best Practices for Systematic Trading and Investment (Financial Market Technology)
  78. 2020-01-11English Words; History and Structure
  79. 2020-01-11The Unschooled Mind; How Children Think And How Schools Should Teach
  80. 2020-01-11Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918; The List Regiment (Cass Military Studies)
  81. 2020-01-11Species of Mind; The Philosophy and Biology of Cognitive Ethology
  82. 2020-01-11The King's Jews; Money, Massacre and Exodus in Medieval England
  83. 2020-01-11Selling Professional Services to the Fortune 500; How to Win in the Billion-Dollar Market of Strategy Consulting, Technology Solutions, and
  84. 2020-01-12Udemy - CCNA 2018 200-125 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant [Last updated 8-2018]
  85. 2020-01-12ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices for C# Programmers
  86. 2020-01-12Partitions, Hypergeometric Systems, and Dirichlet Processes in Statistics (SpringerBriefs in Statistics)
  87. 2020-01-12Ideology and Power in the Viking and Middle Ages (The Northern World)
  88. 2020-01-12Udemy - Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing [Last updated 4-2019]
  89. 2020-01-12Udemy - Linux Mastery; Master the Linux Command Line in 11.5 Hours [Last updated 1-2019] - Removed
  90. 2020-01-12International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2004
  91. 2020-01-12Dark Pools; The Structure and Future of Off-Exchange Trading and Liquidity (Finance and Capital Markets Series)
  92. 2020-01-13Solaris? Internals (Vol 1)
  93. 2020-01-13Udemy - Learn DevOps; CI CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker [Last updated 10-2018]
  94. 2020-01-13Kanban Made Simple; Demystifying and Applying Toyota's Legendary Manufacturing Process
  95. 2020-01-13Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflections; Philosophical Perspectives on Greek and Chinese Science and Culture
  96. 2020-01-13The Heat Kernel Lefschetz Fixed Point Formula for the Spin-c Dirac Operator (Modern Birkh?user Classics)
  97. 2020-01-13Udemy - WiFi Hacking Course? 2017; Full WiFi Hacking Encyclopedia [Last updated 3-2018]
  98. 2020-01-13Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200 (Oxford Classical Monographs)
  99. 2020-01-14Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart; The Taoist Path through Stress and Spirituality
  100. 2020-01-14Probability and Statistics; The Science of Uncertainty (History of Mathematics)


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